I started my professional software development career when I graduated with a Computer Engineering degree in 2013. Out of school I got a job working mostly with Windows .NET applications in C#. I remained at that job for just over 3 years, and I found it to be a valuable experience. I learned a lot about agile development with rapid turn-around times for deliverables. On top of the C#, that job allowed me to work with C++ and Android. From there I moved on to work for a different company. So far I’ve worked more with Java and Javascript. I created this website out of interest in web development, which was peaked by the work I was doing at my new job.

In January 2016 I decided to explore my curiousity with game development, so I started researching and discovered Unity3D right away. The fact that I was already comfortable with C# and Visual Studio let me dive right in. I loved that I could build prototypes so quickly, and the combination of programming and the Unity client felt so intuitive and powerful. I worked through all the tutorials then started on my own game idea. For over a year I used that game to mess around with ideas and learn all sorts of things. Unfortunately I have nothing to show for a lot of them. That game ultimately became Starship Siege; which, in its current state, is more like a demo showcasing some of what I’ve learned.

I decided to stop working on Starship Siege because I wasn’t going to ever get it to a “finished” state I was happy with. Instead I decided to make new games; much less ambitious ones, but with the goal of completion as a priority. One month after making that decision I released Penguin Dive on Google Play.

I continue to learn and try new ideas, but my focus is on making complete games. I work as a Java developer in Toronto, but in my spare time I will continue to work on game development.

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