Penguin Dive

Penguin Dive Penguin Dive is my first foray into mobile game development and also the first game I’ve released on an official platform (whatever that is).

I got the idea from another game called Papi Dive, but I simplified the controls and improved upon the graphics. I used this as a challenge to myself to complete and release a game in a month. After working on Starship Siege for a year I really needed to fell like I finished something to keep me motivated.

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Starship Siege

Starship Siege Starship Siege is a 3D space shooter with some RPG elements. It’s my first released Unity project, and I started it with a grand vision. Naturally, most of that vision had to be compromised. I learned almost everything I know about Unity from working on this game, and many of those things didn’t make it into the finished product. For example, I built a robust, flexible quest system but only made one quest. There are also secondary weapons that haven’t been fleshed out at all, and a leveling system with no rewards or skills.

I may come back and update it once in a while, and I’m always looking for feedback, but currently it’s less of a game and more of a proof of concept.


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Asteroids Pack (Asset Store)

Asteroids Pack I looked at the current selection of asteroids on the Asset Store and saw there weren’t any free ones that were going for a realistic look. I made my own in Blender using subsurface and displacement modifiers to get the high detail bumpiness.

Download on the Asset Store

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