Release notes for v0.2

Written on June 22, 2016

It’s been a while since the last update. I’ve been waiting to release a new version and its finally ready! It has lots of new stuff, mostly little tweaks to make the game look more consistent and polished. No new features, I focused on refining a lot of the core elements of the game, but it looks like it has a coherent style now.

Here’s a video, watch it!

Detailed changes:


  • Changed the project’s Color Space from Gamma to Linear for more realistic lighting
  • Changed the font of all text in the game to one unified style
  • Adding speeding line particles to the camera to give boosting a sense of speed
  • Moved dialog so it’s more visible and easier to read
  • Added camera shake that uses Perlin noise to determine its movement
    • Shake the camera when the player gets hit
    • Shake the camera when boosting
  • Added realistic atmosphere (i.e. outer glow) to planets
  • Prevented far away objects from sparkling (commonly referred to as Z fighting)
  • Increase/decrease thrusters based on the player’s speed
  • Improved enemy target Indicator
    • Alpha gets lower as target gets closer
  • Improved objective indicator
  • Now displays the distance to the target under the objective icon
  • Improved menu buttons and quest menu look
  • Now displays the current objective in the top-right corner
  • Added an endless AI battle to the main menu screen
  • Restyled the player health bar


  • Prevented the player from reaching a planet surface by starting a destruction countdown when they approach
  • Improved enemy AI (tutorial to see how!)
  • Improved the look of player movement
    • The player moves towards the edges of the screen when they turn, instead of always being in the center
    • The player tilts properly on the z-axis when turning and strafing

A free download of Starship Siege v0.2 can be downloaded from the Downloads page for Windows. Hopefully I’ll have a Mac version by v0.3. I appreciate any and all comments or questions you send me!